Tim Stock

Tim Stock came to wine like many do, through the hospitality industry. The groundhog nature of restaurants didn't satisfy beyond the basic so he soon found himself taking more of an interest in wine....and drinking it.

Tim practiced as a sommelier at Sydney fine diners Bilsons (now Quay) and Aria, where he was responsible for the wine program from opening. During his time at Aria he won the 2000 Devaux Young Sommelier of the Year, the 2002 Australia Sommeliers Association Sommelier of the Year, and the Tucker Seabrook Wine List of the Year.

Tim established Vinous in 2002 almost by accident when he offered to help a few winemaker friends sell more wine in Sydney. He quickly realised that an opportunity existed to start a small business specialising in representing small producers in the Sydney trade. Working nights at Aria and selling during the day he slowly established a fledgling fine wine portfolio featuring iconic and artisan producers from Australia. In 2004 he left restaurants to pursue Vinous full-time and never looked back.

Today he has time for little else as he continues to build the Imported portfolio of European producers, shares both Vinous portoflios with the Sydney trade and is often found in amongst the vines or winery making wine for Vinous and his own label 'les fruits'.

Tim is a strong believer in the importance of variety, innovation and the philosophies of biodynamics and natural winemaking as fundamentals for the future of the fine wine market.