Vinous' roots lay in representing a hand selected portfolio of Australian and New Zealand wine producers in the Sydney fine wine trade. From the iconic to the emerging, the Vinous Domestic portfolio has been carefully compiled over the last 16 years to ensure we are working with producers considered to be the best of their kind from each region. Today we have one of the most respected wholesale wine portfolios in New South Wales.

Vinous Imports emerged in 2009 after a long-time dream was finally made a reality with the arrival of our first full container of premium French and Austrian wines. We travel to Europe to meet and taste with the producers we have identified through exhaustive research and only buy direct from the domaines. Our inspiration lies in 'real wines' – wines that are produced in harmony with their environment and speak strongly of where they come from. Our producers are essentially vignerons and are usually small family concerns with an absolute quality focus. They utilise biodynamic, organic and sustainable practices in their vineyards and work with traditional, non-interventionist and natural techniques and philosophies in the winery. We represent all of these producers exclusively in Australia.

The Vinous portfolio also includes our own production wines under the 'Fruits of the Vine' label. It was an idea that we had been kicking around for a while and we finally took the plunge into full scale production in 2010. Working closely with longterm producers from our domestic portfolio we set out to produce an accessible range of classic Australian region styles with a strong influence from European and more traditional winemaking techniques. Far from wanting to simply translate an image of what we think the wine should be, we use a non-interventionist approach with natural ferments and minimal additions. The idea is that the wines essentially make themselves and show distinct differences with each batch and vintage.

Vinous has always grown in an organic fashion, changing and innovating to suit both our customers' desires and our own. After all life is too short to sell bad wine!